Meet the nourishing body treatment you didn't know you needed.

Meet the nourishing body treatment you didn’t know you needed.


When we believe of sskincare, we also generally only concentrate on the face and fail to remember about treating the pores and skin from the neck down. For some, it isn’t really that we fail to remember about skincare for the physique – the thought of that sticky residue moisturizers can go away powering is just far too unappealing (honest plenty of, proper)?! No issue the purpose for forgoing this phase of our skincare schedule, Dermalogica is listed here to rid us of any excuses for dry, unnourished skin. Their Phyto Replenish Entire body Oil is a super hydrating dry system oil that penetrates immediately with zero oily residues.

Inspired by their very best-offering Phyto Replenish Oil for the face, Dermalogica sought to develop an oil just as valuable for the overall physique. Formulated to hydrate, guard and nourish, the Phyto System Oil delivers significant-responsibility vitamins and minerals, but has a surprisingly light-weight feel exceptional to body oils. The concentrated elements make for a truly lavish, customizable system therapy that you can love on a day by day foundation.


Vitamin E: Assists safeguard your skin’s lipid barrier, combats everyday external components like pollution and air conditioning, and keeps the pores and skin supple. Vitamin E is even identified to enable with extend marks. 


Avocado Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil: Each wealthy in pores and skin-replenishing Omega Fatty Acids, and antioxidants, replenish the skin’s moisture and support in restoring elasticity. 


A light infusion of Bergamot, Orange, as very well as stress-free Patchouli and Sandalwood, develop a light, gentle, and enjoyable aroma – excellent for working day or night time. 


Customizable to fit your choices, you can include a few drops of oil into soaked hands and utilize them to the complete entire body for a nourishing milk moisturizer.


Comply with these actions for a replenishing weekly entire body treatment method from home:

  • •Hop into the shower (really don’t turn on the h2o just but).
  • •Using your favored dry brush, use prolonged, sweeping movements or tiny circular motions. Start at your ft and carefully brush upwards, going in direction of your heart. Repeat on both arms.
  • •Using your Dermalogica Conditioning Overall body Wash and warm drinking water, perform your clean into a nice lather and then rinse off. 
  • •Dry off and do the job your Phyto Entire body Oil in from your decollete to your toes. *If you prefer a much more milky consistency, you can implement the oil whilst your pores and skin is nevertheless slightly moist. 
  • •Enjoy your nourished and replenished skin.


This at-house procedure can be carried out up to the moment a week. The dry brush technique of exfoliation rids the physique of toxins, increases pores and skin circulation, and even fights cellulite. Your skin will be ready to absorb the vitamins and minerals from your Phyto Physique Oil.

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