Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 A/W

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 A/W

From subtle, sophisticated tailoring details to wild expressions of fashion fantasy, Tokyo Fashion Week is like an oversize designer plate of sushi; there’s something irresistible for everyone.

Tokyo FW 3-23 horizontal image.JPG

How do you tulle? Viviano Sue brand combines Eastern and Western cultural influences to craft his edgy streetwear. Cutting edge menswear by De Caffeine Homme. Contemporary fabrics applied to traditional kimonos, Jotaro Saito. Tailored, elegant menswear by Irenisa. An explosion of colorful gowns by Tomo Koizumi. All images credit: rakutenfashionweektokyo.com unless noted.

Toyko 3-23 viviano pink hood (2) cropped.jpg

Tulle fantasy dressing in a kaleidoscope of candy colors. Viviano Sue.

Tokyo 3-23 viviano blk wht tulle (2) cropped.jpg

Designer Viviano Sue considers tulle an everyday fabric. His devoted followers wholeheartedly agree.

Tokyo 3-23 viviano ornage coat (2) cropped.jpg

Double breasted midi length coat in an unexpected sherbet orange, flaunting an attractive horizontal texture. Viviano Sue.

Tokyo 3-23 Viviano coat w gold sleeves (3) cropped use this.jpg

Entrance maker. Metallic gold coat with voluminous black taffeta sleeves. The long train adds to the drama. Viviano Sue.

Tokyo 3-23 viviano red (2) cropped.jpg

A contrast of dimensions. Ruffled blouson top paired with skinny floral leggings. Viviano Sue.

Tokyo 3-23 viviano floral coat (2) cropped.jpg

Charming wallpaper floral trench with coordinated boots. Viviano Sue.

Tokyo 3-23 Viviano blk suit (2) cropped.jpg

Tuxedo top coordinated with bubble skirt for a sophisticated play on proportions. Viviano Sue.

Tokyo 3-23 Viviano pink fluff (2) cropped.jpg

Hot pink tulle bouffant top with coordinated tulle bloomers. Viviano Sue.

Tokyo 3-23 viviano gold suit (2).jpg

Lustrous gold suit ready for the Oscars! Viviano Sue.

Tokyo 3-23 De Caf gloves (2) cropped.jpg

De Caffeine Homme designer Avizmo Jo crafts modern, stylish menswear featuring innovative details.

Tokyo 3-23 de caf long coat (2) cropped.jpg

This interesting coat has built-in luggage compartments. De Caffeine Homme.

Tokyo 3-23 De caf trim suit (2) cropped.jpg

Smart black suit with leather trim. De Caffeine Homme.

Tokyo 3-23 de caf mens slvs (2) cropped.jpg

Sleek suit with imaginative inverted sleeves. De Caffeine Homme.

Tokyo 3-23 Jotaro S stropes (2) cropped.jpg

Jotaro Saito is one of Japan’s top designers of contemporary kimonos for both men and women. His stunning store is located on the Ginza.

Tokyo 3-23 Jotaro S mens kimono (2) cropped.jpg

Jotaro Saito. Traditional happi coat worn over a men’s kimono.

Tokyo 3-23 Jotaro elegant kim (2) cropped.jpg

Jotaro Saito. Striking black and white design.

Tokyo 3-23 Jotaro mens kimono (2) cropped.jpg

Jotaro Saito. Note that men wear a sash lower on the waist than a women’s obi.

Tokyo 3-23 Jotaro grn blk kimo (2) cropped.jpg

Pretty floral kimono by Jotaro Saito.

Tokyo 3-23 irenisa gold ble (2) cropped.jpg

Layering is very popular in Japanese fashion design. Irenisa.

Tokyo 3-23 irenisa layers (2) cropped.jpg

Full legged trousers, knit turtleneck under leather trimmed vest. Irenisa.

Tokyo 3-23 irenisa blue trench (2) cropped.jpg

Sky blue trench over full navy trousers. Irenisa.

Tokyo 3-23 irenisa grey coat layers (2) cropped.jpg

Layered outerwear. Irenisa.

Tokyo 3-23 irenisa blk coat (2) cropped.jpg

Black shawl collar coat with white trim, accented with elegant scarf. Irenisa.

Tokyo 3-23 irenisa multi color mens (2) cropped.jpg

This was the first runway show for designers Yu Kobayashi and Yuji Abe. The talented duo spotlights tailored craftsmanship and endeavor to produce elegant apparel with a sense of humor. They push the boundaries by incorporating ancient Japanese dyeing techniques, such as the 17th century method used to dye this ensemble. This is a modern menswear brand to watch. Irenisa.

Tokyo 3-23 tomo K multi tulle (2) cropped.jpg

A voluminous arrangement of colorful tulle becomes a party that you slip into and then head off to another party. Tomo Koizumi.

Tokyo 3-23 Tomo K ruffles WWD (2) cropped.jpeg

Tomo Koizumi, the Japanese Master of Ruffles, in his studio. Tomo dresses celebrities, singers, stars and all lovers of capacious pouf. Image: wwd.com.

Tokyo 3-23 tomo k blue wht (2) cropped.jpg

Froufrou and frothy ruffles, corseted. Tomo Koizumi.

Tokyo 3-23 tomo k all pink (2) cropped.jpg

Flamboyant fluffy frock in stand-out magenta. Tomo Koizumi.

Tokyo 3-23 Tomo K color gown (2) cropped.jpg

The power of pouffy. Hombre ruffles with coordinated cloak fit for an empress. Tomo Koizumi.

Tokyo 3-23 chono wht long dress (2) cropped.jpg

Old fashioned simplicity with a modern edge. Chono.

Tokyo 3-23 chono stripped top (2) cropped.jpg

Hand produced textiles are designed by Wataru Nakazono for Chono.

Tokyo 3-23 chono 2 women (2) cropped.jpg

Each Chono garment includes a brand-specific “Descriptive Label” that indicates the people involved in the creation of the garment to convey the importance of Japanese craftsmanship.

Tokyo 3-23 chono blk w flower (2) cropped.jpg

The Chono brand focuses on exquisite textiles. Watch the videos showing how these incredible fabrics are produced here. You will be amazed.

Tokyo 3-23 chono magenta top (2) cropped.jpg

Chono. Layered tops with hand printed polka dot skirt. Watch the printing process here.

Tokyo 3-23 seveskig Buffalo (3) cropped H.jpg

Southwestern Native American poncho design and leggings by Seveskig. Crocheted buffalo headpiece is optional.

Tokyo 3-23 seveskig purple fur (2) cropped.jpg

Graffiti streetwear coordinated with a cropped fur jacket. Seveskig.

Tokyo 3-23 seveskig decide (2) cropped.jpg

Sheer blouse, vest with a Native American reference and a crocheted face mask that sends a message of both protection and delicate beauty. Seveskig.

Tokyo 3-23 seveskih leather w sheer (2) cropped.jpg

Interesting layering of sheer lingerie over a leather jacket, midi skirt and boots. Seveskig.

Tokyo 3-23 seveskig girl w wolf (2) cropped.jpg

Cool girl look. Wool varsity jacket over Buffalo check maxi skirt, accessorized with a stunning wolf. Seveskig. Designer Takanori Nagano’s specialty is leather goods. His leather wear is characterized by the use of wild leather.

Tokyo 3-23 Hiro red (2) cropped.jpg

Sleeveless red coat paired with burgundy and red knitwear by Hiroko Koshino, one of Japan’s top womenswear designers for over 60 years.

Tokyo 3-23 hiro grn mix (2) cropped.jpg

Amorphic mixed colors make this color block puffer unique. Hiroko Koshino.

Tokyo 3-23 hiro overalls (2) dolaman slv cropped.jpg

Sweet pin stripe overalls with outsized pockets and flattering draped trousers over a dolman blouse. Hiroko Koshino.

Tokyo 3-23 hiro cloak (2) cropped.jpg

Funnel neck poncho featuring floral buttons. Hiroko Koshino.

Tokyo 3-23 hiro grn and blk (2) cropped.jpg

Mixed up layered tartans. Hiroko Koshino.

Tokyo 3-23 hiro pantsuit (2) cropped.jpg

Asymmetrical tuxedo and slim trousers. Hiroko Koshino.

Tokyo 3-23 Hiro pink grey (2) poppy cropped.jpg

How funky is this giant poppy coat over skinny leggings with matching poppy tote bag? You have to love this play on proportions. Hiroko Koshino.

Hope you enjoyed Tokyo Fashion Week 2023 Autumn/Winter!