A Sustainable Guide to Healthy Skin

A Sustainable Guide to Healthy Skin

A Sustainable Guide to Healthy Skin

Beauty and skincare have been on a steady rise for years now. And while both makeup and skincare are not new concepts in any sense, nowadays, it seems like new and improved formulas are appearing on the market on a daily basis.

From various lotions, serums and oils that promise magic-like results, to well established clinics, such as NAGE, those who wish to take better care of their skin certainly have plenty of options to choose from.

However, the reality is that the majority of us get almost hypnotized into following an elaborate skincare routine that, in the end, simply proves to be too elaborate and borderline unattainable.

That’s why the best way to go about your skincare routine is to determine your skin needs, focus on finding easy-to-follow sustainable solutions that will enable you to stay on the right course and stick to them as much as possible.

With that in mind, here’s a simple and sustainable guide to healthy skin any one of us can easily follow.

Test out different skincare and makeup products

When trying to figure out which makeup and skincare products will work for you, you’ll most likely come across numerous hits and misses. What’s more, you may find that a product that used to work wonders for your skin simply no longer seems to perform. This is due to the fact that the majority of commercial skincare and makeup products are usually full of various chemical compounds your skin can become immune to over time.

Additionally, keep in mind that your winter skincare and makeup routine will need to differ from the ones you reach for in summertime, as during these two very different seasons your skin will simply have different needs. So, make sure you always go for natural and organic products as much as possible, and steer clear from products that are heavily loaded with various chemicals.

Re-learn how to do your makeup

Next, while you probably already know how to do your makeup – or you’ve at least checked out a tutorial or two – that doesn’t necessarily mean that your current makeup routine is suitable for your skin. Let’s be real, if you’ll only be wearing makeup for a few hours, there’s really no need for baking, setting sprays and other similar products and practices that are meant to “cement” your makeup.

Instead, go for a light mixture of moisturizer and foundation (if you don’t want to invest in a tinted moisturizer) and only apply a light coat of a setting powder. The more you enable your skin to breathe, the happier it will be. And, of course, don’t forget to apply sunscreen for that added layer of protection.

Make some dietary changes

We simply can’t be talking about healthy and glowing skin and completely disregard the necessary dietary changes that will help you out along the way. Now, since every one of us is unique and not all inflammatory foods will trigger issues in all of us, we can just give you a detailed list of foods to avoid. But it’s generally best to avoid foods that contain too much “bad” fats (some fats are actually healthy in moderation).

Additionally, consuming too many sugary foods and drinks can also take its toll on your skin, so make sure you limit those as well. Alcohol, coffee and smoking can also negatively affect not only your skin health, but your overall health as well.

That being said, both coffee and alcohol (particularly wine) can also have some positive effects on your general health, so the key actually lies in moderation. Grab a cup of coffee each morning and feel free to indulge in a glass of wine at the end of the day, but make sure you don’t go reaching for a refill if you wish to keep your skin healthy and happy.

Adopt new healthy habits

In the end, none of us can ever dream of having healthy and glowing skin – or being healthy in general – if our habits, routines and lifestyles are not oriented towards achieving the same goal. What this means is that in order to make your skin as healthy as possible, you’ll need to make a conscious effort to do so. That’s why it’s always recommended that you schedule yearly appointments with your dermatologist and go for regular checkups to ensure that the overall health of your skin is optimal. Next, although sun exposure is necessary and unavoidable, you need to make sure you limit it. Too much time in the sun can lead to various skin changes and even cause some irreversible damage and issues.

Moreover, make sure you don’t take baths that are too hot or too long to avoid stripping your skin off of its natural oils that are there to protect it and keep it healthy. Along the same lines, make sure you get plenty of good night’s rest and drink the recommended amount of water each day, to ensure that your skin is well rested, plump and elastic.