eBOOK: The Fears & Fantasies of SA shoppers - Bateleur

eBOOK: The Fears & Fantasies of SA shoppers – Bateleur

South Africans have fears about top quality of lifestyle, federal government supply, poverty, cash matters, wellness, overall body and intellect, instruction, pandemics, persecution, doable apocalypse, function in life, relationships, personal competency and know-how. This all impacts on how they store and interact with models.

The most current findings from the Bateleur Vantage Stage Survey, Fears & Fantasies White Paper, published exclusively by Bateleur Brand Setting up in partnership with Retailing Africa in our LIBRARY of retail reviews is now available cost-free to obtain. In the e-book, Fears & Fantasies, the Bateleur exploration-dependent paper explores South African fears and fantasies and correlates these with different levels of contentment or unhappiness.

Fantasies explored contain family members support, escapism, compassion, economic independence, self-actualisation, altruism, health and nicely-getting, monopolism and creativity. Fears in the limelight contain rising living charges, crime and violence, load shedding and corruption. Unemployment, monetary instability and fiscal duress also emerge as vital fears. These are unpacked and examined in depth in the report.

“The paper shows unhappiness is inextricably joined to abnormal fears relating to a absence of intent in existence, physical appearance, psychological wellness, dollars issues and relationships. Fantasies that strongly prevail include staying economically secure, with a individual accent on delivering correctly for one’s household. Travelling the earth, successful the lottery and dwelling devoid of regrets or fret, also rank substantial on the fantasy list,” describes Gordon Hooper, founder and Managing Director of Bateleur Brand Scheduling.

The paper hypothesises that pleasure is connected to selflessness and, conversely, unhappiness to selfishness, and discusses how to utilize these theories of fears and fantasies to brand name administration and employee engagement.

“People fantasise about a entire world exactly where men and women are kinder to just one another, together with altruistic fantasies of group assistance and mentorship. The paper demonstrates that unhappiness is strongly joined to fantasies of monopolism and materialism even though pleasure is started in fantasies of altruism, compassion and self-actualisation,” suggests Hooper.


Ebook: For much more on the remedies and alternatives for suppliers and brands in the Fears & Fantasies Bateleur Vantage Stage study, read through the E-book – totally free to download.



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