Things I Don’t Do To My Hair: To Avoid Relaxed Hair Damage

You may be journeying to healthier hair and growing it like myself. However, there are some things that you should not be doing to your hair to avoid relaxed hair damage.

This post and article are mainly geared towards chemically treated hair, as I am texlaxed. My natural curl pattern is still there, but the strands are more relaxed and easier to manage. It is my personal preference, and I love It. I thought it would be fun to list some things I would not say I like doing to my hair and also a good time to list some things you may not like doing to your hair. So, please do not be shy and share things you do not do in the comments. Let us begin:

I do not Relax My Hair Bone Straight

I do not know about you, but I do not know what I would do with bone-straight relaxed hair. To me, it is so un-inspirational to me and unappealing. Moreover, there is nothing you can do to style wet air drying. So, when I texturize my hair, I make sure there is enough curl pattern left to style it in a wash-and-go. The key to a perfect texturized look is to make sure that you are using a mild relaxer. You may even want to weaken the strength of a mild relaxer by adding a cheap conditioner to the relaxer. I also like the body that I get when I blow dry/ flat iron my hair.

I do not use box relaxer (no lye)

A few years ago. I decided to relax my great natural hair. At first, I achieved Results and used the ORS olive oil box relaxer. Nevertheless, to my demise, I tried a different brand when it was time for a touch-up, and my hair Fell out! I used the pink oil brand and did not think it would make a difference between box relaxer Brands. After I lost my hair and saw it go down the drain after washing it out, I vowed never to return to box relaxers and stick to what worked when I was a child. That would be lye relaxers. So far, I have never had issues with lye relaxers. I even read that box relaxers (no lye) are harsher on the hair and less harsh on the scalp. However, lye relaxers are the opposite and tend to be good for the hair but harsh on the scalp.

I Do Not Wash My Hair in the Shower

I used to love to wash my hair in the shower and would follow this trend that many women are doing.

In the natural hair community. I later realized I could avoid getting my entire body by attaching a shower head to my Kitchen Sink. I did not think this would pan out, but it worked like a charm!

I want to get in and get out fast when I wash my hair. By using a showerhead, I can accomplish this. I also hate getting my entire body wet when washing my hair. I also noticed that when washing your hair in the Shower, your shredded hair will travel and get stuck in the drains.

 You may also have to use a hair stopper in the drain. I would hate cleaning the hair stopper as it was downright disgusting. Now that I use the sink to wash my hair, I get minimal shed hair in the drain because I end up detangling my hair when I am conditioning my hair and combing my hair and detangle it with conditioner on the hair.


I Do Not Relax My Hair Often

One thing I have learned from the past is not to relax your hair often. Before, I used a box relaxer in that part of my hair journey. I also noticed That another reason that caused my hair loss is that I was relaxing my hair almost every 2-3 months. I later realized that this was a huge no-no. Processing your hair more often than usual is known to cause hair loss and breakage. I also realized that my hair was down my back as a child, and I would only get my roots relaxed once a year, so I went back to that, and my hair is flourishing. I also noticed that if you have slow hair growth like me, you may want to relax less often because of slow hair growth


I Do Not Color My Hair

When it comes to my hair and its health, I make sure not to do many chemical treatments on my texturized hair is chemically treated. I would not say I like coloring my sensitive and delicate Hair. The afro-textured hair is already fragile in its natural state and is also naturally very dry. Adding color to chemically treated hair can be too much for the hair, so I choose not to. I may dabble And try it once I reach my hair length goal. Nevertheless, it is out of the question when it comes to the health of my hair.

I Do Not Use Protein Treatments Often

Now that my hair is considered “healthy” after years of trials and tribulation, I have noticed that my hair does not require extra deep conditioning. Also, watching so many YouTube videos on women losing them after over-conditioning is a warning to me not to go overboard on deep conditioning my hair.

Right now, I am noticing that my hair loves moisturizing conditioners. Anything that hydrates my naturally dry Hair- Is a winner for me. However, I also notice that my hair tends to get stiff and dry if I do too many protein treatments. The women I saw on YouTube suffered from protein overload after mentioning that they used a strengthening/protein conditioner. So, I am saying no to protein treatments until it is time for one.

I do Not Use Luxury / Expensive Hair Products

The most expensive hair product I have ever tried was a trial size of the Briogeo, do not despair Repair. I also have some photo hot oil treatments. These are the only luxury items I have ever bought for my hair. I also tend not to buy”, “cheap” hair products as the quality affects the outcome of my hair. Instead, I like to use mid-priced hair products That make my hair look good and benefit my hair. Some of my favorite hair care brands are products by shea moisture, Mielle organics, and ‘TGIN, to name a few. I also like Redken and products such as Paul Mitchell, which are not overly Priced.

Finding good quality products does not have to Lose a fortune. They also tend to last long, and you get more bang for your buck.

I do not impulse shop for hair products

When it comes to hair products, I never impulse buy products when I am in a beauty supply store or

At Walmart, I usually research the products I am interested in first. When I research a product, I like to read other blog reviews and YouTube videos. Then I am guided to snatch most of the products I try from YouTube tutorials and reviews, they are great.

I Do Not Go to Hair Salons

What I have realized about myself is that I am not a fan of hair salons. Instead, I prefer complete control over my hair and hair styling options. If it were up to me, the only hairstylist I would trust would be a well-known celebrity hairstylist. All I know is that it will be a disaster when I put my trust in your average stylist. I have also realized that I have not set foot in a salon in the past 20 years. I have not even gotten a salon trim as I fear they will cut inches off. I do not know if I will ever go to a hair salon again. Because of this, I would consider becoming a hair stylist instead when I find the time and money to go to a beauty school.


I hope you enjoyed reading ten things I do not do to my hair and consider some of the things I suggested in this blog through my trials and tribulations. I hope that you can take something from this post and use it to your advantage.

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