From Shopaholic to Personal Shopping + Custom Jewelry Design with Ulka Wilson

EP398: From Shopaholic to Personal Shopping + Custom Jewelry Design with Ulka Wilson

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Calling all Shopahoolics and Bright Shiny Object Lovers! This podcast is for YOU!

What if you could transform your LOVE of pretty things and shopping into a thriving jewelry business? 

When I first met my guest on the show today, Ulka Wilson of Ulka Rocks, she proudly announced that she was a shopaholic (even as she was collecting a lot of inventory behind the scenes). 

Ulka is a graduate of our Train Your Customers to Buy From You Online Program which is open for enrollment.

On today’s episode of Thrive by Design, she shares how she has transformed her passion for shopping and designing for herself into a multi-6 figure business shopping and designing for others. 

It’s a unique business model and lots to learn from!

Here’s what we chat about during today’s episode…

  • Ulka’s journey from corporate to retiring into her second career as a full time jewelry business owner
  • How she’s translated a love of shopping into a dream jewelry business model
  • Her process for navigating multiple customers on a buying and designing trip
  • Fun ways that she keeps up excitement for her brand with all the marketing tools available
  • How she doubled her sales goal even when she was extremely sick on her last buying trip
  • How she honed in a dream client and what that did for her business long term
  • And more…

Ulka is such a rockstar and was so fun to interview. Enjoy this episode!

Finally, learn more about growing your online jewelry sales – and turn your bright shiny object, shopaholic syndrome into a thriving business. 

xo, Tracy

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