Kitty Love For National Cat Day

Kitty Love For National Cat Day

It’s National Cat Day!

If you didn’t know already, Kiki is our unofficial mascot (pictured here!) and she makes us smile every single day. We’re bringing some light hearted fun to you today with cute cat photos and a blog post featuring Kiki throughout the years at KDJ.

Kiki girl, our cat queen and mascot at Katie Dean Jewelry, happy international cat day!

Kiki’s adoption was total happenstance! The first day I met Kiki I was helping out on the set of an independent film that was being shot in Downtown LA. Someone asked if I could give them a ride home and on the way back to Echo Park (a neighborhood on the east side of LA) she asked me if I knew anyone who would want to adopt a cat. Growing up we always had a cat… or two. As well as fish, birds, rabbits — funnily enough we never had a dog! I love animals and at that point I had been living in LA for about 5 years. Being away from all my family was hard and I always wanted to have a cat but was on the fence since I would be her sole caretaker. 

When I dropped off the girl I was giving a ride to she told me to come in and see the kittens. I should have known from that point that I was going to go home with a cat, LOL. Kiki was born under a porch and the Mom had disappeared so my new friend had taken in all the kittens so they wouldn’t be left to fend for themselves. Once I saw Kiki and her bright blue eyes I knew she was my girl.

She was very shy at first. Hiding under the couch and bed for days on end, only to come out at night when there were no scary sounds aka people talking or music going. But our bond grew over time and I couldn’t imagine life without her! She is the best furry friend and makes me smile every day.

Here’s a picture of us together in my original LA studio taken by my friend Monica Wang. That was one of my first studio shoots for Katie Dean Jewelry!

Katie Dean Jewelry in LA studio space with her cat kiki, Monica Wang Photography-

  • Her original name was Emma (I was a obsessed with the TV show, Friends and it was Rachel & Ross’ name for their daughter) but Kiki never responded to Emma so I changed her name, ha!
  • Her favorite time to cuddle is anytime I put a soft blanket on my legs
  • She loves sunbathing, just like her mom 🥰 (see below picture!)
  • She never used to be interested in cat toys until my Mom gave her some for Christmas this past year and now she’s obsessed!

Kiki girl sunbathing while I work outside, Katie Dean Jewelry mascot

*I’m wearing the Herringbone Chain and Birthstone Necklace (April) above

We love seeing your photos, especially when your pets are involved! Celebrate National Cat Day with us! Snap a selfie with your furry friends while showing off your jewels. Tag us @katiedeanjewelry so we can repost!

Dainty minimal ring party with the Mama Ring, Butterfly and gold stackers, made in America, with Kiki girl, our cat queen and mascot at Katie Dean Jewelry, happy international cat day!

Links to the pieces I’m wearing in the above ring party, from left to right:

If you’ve been thinking of getting a furry friend, take the opportunity to adopt. There are so many kittens and young animals of all kinds that need a happy home full of love! You can check out your local adoption centers or post on social media saying you are looking to adopt. Be a hero to a sweet furry friend that needs a good home. It is so worth it!

Kiki photos, National Cat Day 2022, Katie Dean Jewelry
We hope you enjoyed this special blog post about the KDJ mascot, our sweet Kiki girl! If you ever have questions reach out to us through the Contact Us page and make sure to sign up for our email list for special perks exclusive to our email subscribers. Have a golden day ✨